RAIN CHECK POLICY.....If less than six (6) races have been completed before the races are called, your tickets and pit passes will be honored at the next regular scheduled race meet. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Six (6) races are considered a complete program of racing. After those six (6) races, no refunds will be given and no tickets or pit passes will be honored for the next race night. If the weather looks bad and you are in doubt if we will race or not, check our website. www.diamondparkspeedway.com OR OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, DIAMONDPARKSPEEDWAY or you may email us at diamond_park2015@yahoo.com.


PROTEST POLICY.....A protest will be allowed in each feature race only and whoever protests must have been a participant for the three (3) previous weeks of racing. Drivers in that race must finish 10th place or better to protest. Each driver is allowed to protest only one car per night, and can only protest a car finishing in a higher position. Anything found illegal during protest will be illegal. Protest must be made by driver at the end of the feature race at the flag stand before being weighed. Only the top 10 finishers of the Feature Race will be allowed to protest. In the event that more than one driver wants to protest the same car, the driver that gets money to the flag stand first will have the right to do the protesting. More than one protest is allowed after each feature race as long as it is on another car. Two cars CAN NOT protest the same car. Points will remain the same, 2nd place will collect 1st place points and so on. Driver must furnish tools. Driver and pit crew of protested car, up to four (4) people, are allowed on the track during the tear down, and protesting car can bring two (2) people. Cars found illegal will forfeit winnings for the night and all points for that complete race event. Any un-sportsman like conduct can be grounds for disqualification of protest on either side. Tech official shall have a maximum of 72 hours to identify any questionable parts. All decisions will be made by the tech official and will be final. IF YOU CANNOT


1. Roll bars are required on all cars. No screw joint fittings allowed. The minimum requirements for all roll bars on all cars shall be an "A" shaped affair, constructed of at least 1 1/2 inch O.D. pipe with bars running from upper right corner to lower left corner and just the opposite on the other side of car forming "X" as viewed from front to rear. There must also be a cross bar on top to complete a caged affair around the driver. All roll bar pipes must be at least 1/8 inch in thickness, and must have an additional support extending from rear upright to rear position of frame. No concrete reinforcement steel may be used. All welds must have gussets. All of the above is required for maximum safety for drivers.

2. All cars must be equipped with ignition switch accessible to driver at all times.

3. All cars must have gas tanks of heavy duty construction and must be securely fastened to frames.

4. All cars must have one shock per wheel and have two working brakes.

5. All seats must be welded to frame or bolted through floor and fishplate.

6. Racing seat only. Must be bolted solid.

7. All hinged body parts must be securely fastened or welded.

8. All cars must be equipped with approved safety belts and all belts must be at least three inches wide and fastened to frame or cage. All belts must be used.

9. Battery must be covered and fastened securely.

10. Full front caps and bodies are mandatory. Wheel opening may be enlarged to allow larger tires.

11. Cars must have rear firewall between drivers compartment and fuel tank or trunk area.

12. No sharp or rough edges allowed on any exterior part of car.

13. No fuel lines inside of car. All fuel lines must be run under car or floor pan.

14. All flywheel type cars must have a 180-degree blow proof housing or shatter proof shield with minimum 1/8-inch steel.

15. All open tube drive shafts must have a safety strap or chain of 360 degrees and must be painted white.

16. All fabrics, upholstery, windows and glass, door hardware and dash instruments must be removed from car. All exterior chrome and decorations such as hood ornaments, mirrors, antenna, and outside door handles must be removed (except for front and rear bumpers).

17. All cars will have front and rear bumpers at a reasonable height and extend beyond the body for pushing and must have a chain or steel loop device attached to the hook up. Front hoop can be braced forward of radiator to bumper.

18. Approved racing helmets mandatory. Helmets must have a "snell" rating. FIRESUITS ARE MANDATORY IN ALL CLASSES!!!

19. Appearance rule will be in effect at managementís discretion. All cars must be painted and have a reasonable appearance with contrasting number on side and top of car large enough (2' X 20") for lap counter to distinguish from the officials box. Also, a small number should be painted on the bottom of trunk lid. Numbers are assigned by lap counter only.

20. Race position will be posted in the pit area. It is the driverís responsibility to know his position. All races will be aligned in the pit area. Drivers will be called to line up in pit area designated by pit steward. Qualified cars are to be in correct line up and ready to start the event before entering the racetrack or pit steward is empowered to place a car at the back of line up or disqualify.

21. When the front row or cars is properly lined up the start will be official only upon the flagman signaling with the green flag. The race will start in the number four turn with the pole car sitting the pace, which shall be consistent with track conditions and is required to keep the field in formation. The steward or flagman shall be empowered to disqualify or penalize any drive violating this rule. When green flag drops the race has officially started.

22. If the race is re-started, all cars return to their original positions. Any car for which a yellow or red flag is thrown will go to the rear. Then the race will be realigned according to the way they crossed the finish line during the last completed lap. A red flag means stop and hold position. A yellow flag means caution. WE DO NOT RACE TO THE YELLOW FLAG.

23. If a car is involved in a spin or accident twice in one race, that car will be disqualified for that race, at the flag mans discretion. If a car causes a spin or accident and he spins out himself, he will be put to the rear. If an accident happens and no official can tell what car caused it, we will stop the race and line the cars back like they were before the accident.

24. ANY DISPUTES OR PROTEST must be made at the flag stand before leaving the track after the feature race. NO EXCEPTIONS. Only the car driver will be allowed to protest. Any unauthorized participant, including pit crew members, entering flag man's stand, lap counter's booth or announcer's booth will be disqualified and lose points and money for the entire program. Driver is responsible for crewmembers and spouses. Any person causing or becoming involved in any unsportsman like behavior, including stopping on the track to argue, will be suspended from the track for a length of time set forth by management. Fighting will cause you to get put in jail with a fine, PLUS a suspension from Diamond Park Speedway. The first suspension will be for two (2) weeks; the second will be for the remainder of the season. The officers on duty are given the right by management and State of Arkansas to enforce the rules and regulations of Diamond Park Speedway as well as county, state and federal laws.

25. NO BEER OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR INTOXICANTS OF ANY KIND WILL BE PERMITTED OR TOLERATED ON THE ENTIRE PREMISES DURING THE RACE PROGRAM. This includes the last race of the evening. To do so is an automatic disqualification of the car, eviction from the pits and loss of money and points. At the discretion of the officer on duty, anyone who is found intoxicated on track premises will be arrested.

26. There will be absolutely no racecars, tow trucks, or pit crews in the infield unless asked by track officials.

27. A black flag will be given to any car not able to run safely (example: dragging loose parts or leaking fluid), any car not at racing speed, any car with excessive smoking, and any car deliberately driving rough. These are all at the flag manís discretion. Spinning around in the infield, any hand language or profanity to any track official will result in a black flag. A black flag will be given to a car twice. If a driver ignores the flag, the race may be stopped and the offender put off the track. This is un-sportsmanlike conduct and will be ground for suspension. NOT SEEING THE FLAG IS NO EXCUSE. Black flag rule pertains to all classes. No racing on the infield.

28. Top five (5) cars must weigh after feature race before leaving the track or car will be disqualified for that race.

29. Special events may be governed by different rules. If so, amendments will be given either on a flyer for the event or at the driver's meeting.

30. A driver's meeting will be called each race night, when this is called; any driver that does not attend the meeting forfeits any protest or discussion rights for the night.

31. Any towing vehicles, trailers and race-cars are allowed in the pit area.

32. It is compulsory for all owners, drivers, mechanics, officials, and all other persons who enter the pit area to sign the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity agreement. We assume that you have read one of these forms when you sign it. All items (tow vehicles, race cars, tools, etc.) are taken into the area at the owners risk and are not covered by the tracks insurance policy.

33. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a notarized affidavit consent signed by PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. NO ONE UNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE WILL BE ADMITTED WITH OR WITHOUT CONSENT FORM.

34. The management reserves the right to change the race program or rules at any time to improve racing at Diamond Park Speedway.

35. Any point or rule not covered herein will be decided by track officials and

36. Diamond Park Speedway management at the necessary time and will be final. Diamond Park Speedway and officials reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone who refuses to abide by rules and usual policy of conducting auto racing. NOTE: Any car racing at Diamond Park Speedway from another track with minor rule differences may, at managementís discretion, race one night but will be notified of any necessary modifications and will have to be legal on the next visit to Diamond Park Speedway.