(Rules are the same for NOVICE)


Any American made stock passenger car with full frame, or Chrysler uni-bodies. NO front wheel drives. Stock appearing aftermarket plastic nose or tail pieces are allowed. NO spoilers (even if factory equipped), wings, skirts, air scoops or anything that alters stock appearance. A front visor is allowed on the windshield area maximum 7 inches. Sunroofs and Ttops must be reinforced and enclosed. No nerf bars. Maximum one inch wide by two inch tall steel or Lexan rub rails allowed – bolted flush to body. All glass, plastic, upholstery, lights, mirrors and trim must be removed. Can run sheet metal doors but the rest of body panel’s must be stock metal. Front inner fender wells may be removed. Cars must be strictly stock. NO cutting, channeling, shortening or modifying is allowed. Front and rear outer fenders may be cut for wheel and tire clearance. NO excessive trimming of fenders allowed, must maintain stock appearance. NO enclosed interiors or decking allowed. No part of dash can be more than 28 inches from back edge of the center of the hood. Front and rear firewalls must remain in stock location and be full and complete. ALL openings should be covered as to isolate the driver, subject to track approval. Race car body should be maintained in such a manner as to keep a presentable appearance. Cars with floppy or loose parts will NOT be allowed to race until such repairs are made.

BUMPERS: Stock type rear bumper required. Stock type front bumper may be used, or a fabricated front bumper may be used with the following conditions: cars with aftermarket nose pieces- the bumper may extend past frame rails for support and reinforcements; cars without nosepieces- the bumper may not extend past front frame horns. NO SHARP EDGES.

ROLL CAGE: Minimum four-point cage, minimum size 1 ½ O.D. by .095 wall thickness. Minimum three bars in driver’s side door and two bars on passenger side door (three bars if passenger in car). Four-point quick release seat belt and harness required for driver and passenger. Racing seats required. Must have window nets for driver and passenger. Must have three bars in front of driver and passenger in windshield area.

RADIATORS: Any (1) radiator that fits in original location without any body modifications is allowed. Water pump mounted fans only, NO electric fans. Fan spacers OK.

ENGINE: must be stock for the make and model except no 400’s or larger small or big blocks. All engine components, distributor, etc… must be strictly stock. Cast piston only. Chevy must use 4 equal valve relief pistons. Mini starter and aftermarket pulleys OK. Aftermarket power-steering pumps OK. Metric cars may run a 350. NO stroking or de-stroking. Engine must be in stock location. Solid motor and transmission mounts OK. Maximum cranking compression 175 lbs. (ignition off, engine turned over 5 times). Aluminum Water Pumps OK.

CAMSHAFT, VALVE TRAIN AND CYLINDER HEADS: Hydraulic cam and lifters only. .450 lift maximum on camshaft lift. 1.94 maximum intake valve diameter, 1.50 maximum exhaust valve diameter on Chevrolet engines. Stock size valve springs and stock length pushrods only. Stamped steel 1.5 rockers and 3/8 studs on Chevy, 1,6 on Fords and Chrysler, NO roller tips. Open chambered heads only, must be unaltered, O.E.M. NO porting, polishing or gasket matching allowed. Screw in studs and guide plates OK. 305 engines may use 305 heads (no vortec). Neck down valves OK.

CARBURETION AND FUEL SYSTEM: Holley 4412, 2 barrel only. Must be unaltered. Choke plate may be removed. 4412 must be cast into body of carburetor. Maximum 1 inch spacer, adapter and gaskets. Fuel pump must be in stock location for make, NO electric pumps or fuel injection even if factory equipped.

EXHAUST: Stock unaltered cast iron exhaust manifolds only. NO Chevy center dump, Corvette, marine or tubular steel type manifolds. Mufflers required. NO exceptions.

INTAKE MANIFOLD: Stock unaltered or cast iron intake only. NO aftermarket or stock high performance or high rise. NO bowties. NO porting, polishing or gasket matching.

TRANSMISSIONS: Any stock type automatic or manual. Automatics must have working 11 inch torque converter. NO direct drives. Transmission cooler OK. Manual must have 10.5 inch clutch and steel flywheel. NO mini clutches. Steel drive shafts must be painted white and have a loop 6 inches from front u-joint.

FUEL: Pump gas, Racing fuel allowed. NO additives or smells. Fuel tank must be secured in trunk. Fuel cells recommended.

SUSPENSION: Front and rear suspension must be stock for that make and model of car. May use tubular upper control arms on front mount but MUST be IN STOCK mount. NO air shocks. NO other alterations to any part of the suspension will be allowed. Any spring in stock location, NO spacers or adjustable weight jacks of any kind, must sit in unaltered stock mounts. Any stock mount shock.

REAR END: Stock rear-end for make and model. Gears may be locked. Gear ratio optional. 9” Ford rear-end is allowed.

STEERING AND DRIVER SEAT: Steering boxes must remain in stock location. Aftermarket steering wheel and quick release steering coupling are recommended. Quick steer boxes allowed. NO part of driver seat may be no further back than 25 inches forward of center line of rear end housing.

RADIATORS: Any (1) radiator that fits in original location without any body modifications is allowed. Water pump mounted fans only, NO electric fans. Fan spacers OK. IGNITION: One 12 volt battery only must be mounted securely in rear of driver’s compartment or trunk area. One stock distributor in stock location only. NO modifications allowed. Plugs and wires may be aftermarket. Ignitions on/off switch must be clearly marked. NO traction control devices of any kind.

BRAKES: May use any one (1) Master Cylinder. After market pedal is OK. Must have 3 working brakes. Right front may be blocked. NO bias adjustment is allowed. Disc brakes allowed in rear, NO aluminum or composite rotors. Must use steel stock type rotors on rear disc.

TIRES AND WHEELS: 8 inch maximum wide wheels allowed, 15 inch diameter steel wheels only, wheel covers and mud plugs right rear only. NO bead locks or screws allowed. NO bleed-off valves. Must run 1 inch steel lug nuts. Approved Hoosier asphalt pull-offs only, 35 or higher, must durometer 51 or higher. NO grooving, siping or softening allowed. All 4 tires must be asphalt pulloffs.

NO EXCEPTIONS. WEIGHT: Weight must be securely added to car. Car must weigh minimum 3000 lbs. With driver after race. COURTESY RULE: Any car from another track with “minor” rule infractions will be allowed to race one (1) night. Cars with infractions are subject to weight penalty.

PROTEST RULES: Engine Claiming Rules: Any driver in the same race on the lead lap may claim one of the top three (3) finishers immediately after the "A" feature in the tech area. (A) $500.00 and swap claim on engines. (B) Claim does not include - Flywheel, clutch/assembly, bell housing, breathers, carburetor, starter, motor mounts, oil/temp sending units, water pump, fan, pulleys, dip stick, distributor, wires, water outlet/restrictor, fuel pump, fuel pump plate/rod. (C): Driver may NOT claim another driver finishing in a position BEHIND them and my NOT claim the same driver more than once per calendar year. (D): $350 (If legal protested car gets $300. If illegal protesting car gets $300 back). You must finish the Feature Race in the Top 10 in order to protest. Heads, bore and stroke:

$150 CARBURETOR CLAIM: : $200.00 and swap. Shock or Spring claims - $20.00 each and swap.

DISTRIBUTOR CLAIM: $100.00 and swap.